Jennifer Love Hewitt Shares Sweet Details on Acting Alongside Husband Brian Hallisay (2024)

When Jennifer Love Hewitt isn't starring as Maddie Buckley on the hit ABC drama 9-1-1, she's enjoying family time with her husband, actor Brian Hallisay, and their three children, Autumn, Atticus and Aidan.

Though Jennifer and Brian stay out of the spotlight for the most part, we do know some key facts about the pair's relationship. Per Hello! in June 2013, the two reportedly first crossed paths while both appearing in the short-lived NBC series Love Bites. That said, sparks didn't really start flying until early 2012, when the pair reconnected on the set of the Lifetime show The Client List.

Soon after, they fell in love. In June of 2013, their lives changed in two major ways. The happy pair confirmed Jennifer was not only pregnant with their first child, they also had gotten engaged. Just days after getting married in a private ceremony in November, they became parents to a daughter named Autumn. Less than two years later, the happy couple welcomed their son Atticus. In August 2021, the duo had their third child, another son named Aidan.

For Jennifer, having children with Brian is an absolute dream come true. Back in 2010, before even meeting her husband, the Party of Five star gushed to Us Weekly that she'd "love to have babies" one day. Now, with three children of her own, Jennifer appreciates every second with them and misses them dearly when she's busy filming 9-1-1.

"My daughter thinks that work is the coolest thing she's ever seen," she told Us Weekly. "She loves the craft service truck. My son got to run around the lot, like, go into 'New York,' go up and down the stairs and take a picture in front of the police station, which he thought was super cool. It's just me who's a sap in my trailer, like, 'Why can't I see my babies?'"

While time with her kids on set may be limited, she was able to spend some interesting time with her husband. Between 2018 and 2019, Brian portrayed Jennifer's character Maddie's ex-husband Doug Kendall, which he later reprised in a May 2024 episode.

"It was just lovely to go to work together," she told Entertainment Tonight Canada about being co-stars in 2019. "We both had never been able to play characters like this in our careers, these characters with dark, twisted things to them. And, so, that’s been really fun for us."

Looking back on her marriage and life with kids, Jennifer revealed to Us Weekly in an August 2019 interview that she's become a better actress because of her husband and kids.

"I think before becoming a parent, love was something that sounded beautiful and was out there and portrayed in movies and felt at certain times when I met my husband," Jennifer said. "Then we very quickly started having kids, and the love that I feel for the person that allowed me to have that dream in having those children and the love that you have for your children, it opens you up in a way that makes you more vulnerable than you could ever possibly imagine."

With that vulnerability also comes room for the Hallisay family to grow in unique ways, which Jennifer revealed over the course of 2024. Along with the announcement of her upcoming memoir Inheriting Magic: My Journey Through Grief, Joy, Celebration and Making Everything Magical, Jennifer's kid pose next to her on the cover. What's more, Autumn, Atticus and Aidan will join Jennifer and Brian as the entire group will star in an upcoming holiday movie (called The Holiday Junkie) for Lifetime's 2024 It's a Wonderful Lifetime lineup.

No matter the case, it's clear Jennifer and Brian's love remains strong as she paid tribute to him with a rare throwback photo on her Instagram stories for Father's Day in June 2024.

"To our everything!" she captioned it at the time. "You are the best dad and we are so lucky! Hope you feel as special as you are today! We love you ❤️. Ps this pic is old but I love it."

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Shares Sweet Details on Acting Alongside Husband Brian Hallisay (2024)
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