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Jen Coffey, a familiar face on QVC, has found love in a rather modern way – through a dating app – yes it’s true. The host recently announced her engagement to her loving fiance, Davinder, a man she met on Bumble just a few months ago, and their journey to love has been nothing short of enchanting. Love is certainly in the air in the QVC family as former beloved host, Lisa Robertson got married over the summer as well to her now husband, Jeff.

Over the weekend in September 2023, Jen and Davinder celebrated their impending nuptials with a heartwarming engagement party at the prestigious Philadelphia Country Club, where colleagues and friends from QVC joined in the festivities.

As the sun set over the picturesque venue, Jen Coffey couldn’t help but capture the magic of the evening. She took to social media to share some glimpses of the unforgettable night. In a heartfelt message, she wrote, “How can I put into words the magic that was last night… seeing so many of my closest family and friends laughing, hugging, and just being themselves.” It was evident that this celebration was about more than just two people getting hitched; it was a heartfelt celebration of the deep connections that bind everyone together.

One of the standout moments of the evening was the togetherness and joy that permeated the event. The engagement party was not just a testament to Jen and Davinder’s love but also a tribute to the love and support they’ve received from their loved ones. The couple’s journey had come full circle, with those closest to them coming together to celebrate their love.

The engagement party was graced by the presence of many of Jen Coffey’s colleagues from QVC, highlighting the strong bonds and friendships forged behind the scenes of the popular shopping channel. The Philadelphia Country Club, with its timeless charm, provided the perfect backdrop for an evening filled with laughter, heartfelt toasts, and memories that will last a lifetime.

All the Love from Her QVC Co-Hosts

Some familiar faces you will notice are beloved QVC hosts Kerstin Lindquist, Terri Conn, Mary DeAngelis and Rachel Boesing,

QVC Host Jen Coffey Celebrates Magical Engagement Party - See Pictures! - The Reality TV (1)

Kerstin Lindquist couldn’t be happier for Jen that she found happiness with Davinder. She wrote, “Tears of such happiness last night watching my sweet friend@jennifercoffeyqvcof 12 years celebrate her engagement to the man God always had planned for her.” She continued, “Never ever give up believing and knowing that His plan is always better than yours.”

Jen responded to Kerstin, “My sister from another mister!!! We had SO MUCH FUN let’s keep it going today!!”

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Notably absent from the photos from her QVC family was Shawn Killinger – who was most likely working and on the air!

The event’s official photographer, Nick, was hard at work capturing the magic of the evening. As Jen playfully noted, he was busy editing the thousands of photos taken that night. Her words, “The photographer is editing the 10,000 pics he took that night (thank you, Nick!),” conveyed the magnitude of the celebration. These photos will undoubtedly serve as cherished mementos of a night filled with love, laughter, and happiness.

See More Photos!

Anne Wiggins, the on-air QVC rep for Muks Luks took a lot of photos from Jen’s special night to share on Facebook.

Amy Oselkin, the on-air QVC rep for Clarks attended Jen & Davinder’s engagement party. She wrote, “Beyond beautiful night celebratingJen Coffeyand Davinder! Love the QVC crew.” Jennifer thanked her friend for joining, “So so grateful you were there!! Love you!”

QVC Host Jen Coffey Celebrates Magical Engagement Party - See Pictures! - The Reality TV (2)

Jen Coffey’s engagement party was a magical celebration of love and connections. It exemplified the power of love to bring people together and showcased the deep bonds she shares with her friends and colleagues from QVC. As Jen and Davinder embark on this beautiful journey towards marriage, they carry with them the warmth and support of their loved ones, making their love story all the more enchanting. And with Nick tirelessly editing the photos, the memories of this unforgettable night will be cherished for years to come.


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QVC Host Jen Coffey Celebrates Magical Engagement Party - See Pictures! - The Reality TV (2024)
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