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prizes, details on this topic. rf. israel and hamas have agreed to exchange prisoners in a 100-100 format, the tv channel reported. citing government sources on both sides. there is no official confirmation of this information yet. tonight, the tsakhal launched missiles at the gas sector. the military immediately surrounded several hospitals in the enclave. the number of deaths in the city, according to the ministry of health, already exceeds 11,000 people. in response, hamas bombards major israeli cities, hitting at least two tel aviv residents with shrapnel from a rocket. the day before , the israeli national football team came under attack from the palestinian movement.

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none of the athletes were injured, as reported by the media. and russia is outraged by israeli strikes on civilian targets in the gas strip. this was stated by the permanent representative of russia, vasily nibenze, at a meeting of the un security council dedicated to the situation in the middle east. the diplomat called on both sides of the conflict to cease fire. he stressed that only this measure will avoid new victims. shocked and deeply outraged that strike targets. any war has rules and any violent actions against civilians, attacks on residential buildings, civilian infrastructure, categorical. an early ceasefire in

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the area of ​​the palestinian-israeli conflict, only this, and not some short-term pauses, is the only real peace that would avoid new casualties and ensure the provision of necessary humanitarian assistance to those in need. assistance to the population of gaza would put a barrier in the way of further the expansion of the armed confrontation and the drawing into it of new regional western military districts hit the camouflaged positions and armored vehicles of the ukrainian armed forces in the kupinsky direction. the combat mission was carried out by crews of akatsiya self-propelled guns using high-explosive fragmentation ammunition. they allow you to destroy enemy manpower and strongholds in shelters. the fighters used carousel tactics.

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alternate firing from several guns. it disorients the enemy, forces him to declassify his firing points, but saves the lives of our military. we hit manpower, armored vehicles, enemy strongholds, for russia, for our homeland, we work in the interests of our homeland, country, this is how it should be, this means this, i also maintain the gun so that it does not fail at those moments when we are working, this is my zone responsibility, we work in the interests of the infantry, the command thanks, thank you for your work, thank you, everything, everything is fine , we are waiting for the next goals, the consequences for ukraine itself in the west do not concern anyone, the german general said this in an interview, former head of the nato military committee. instead, politicians fanatically talk about kiev’s victory, the military emphasizes that there is less and less common sense in the leadership of nato countries. the key problem is

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that in our politics, in the politics of germany, especially, very recently people have appeared who, roughly speaking, replace the lack of knowledge and competence with self-confidence and ignorance. the policy that we are currently pursuing will greatly disappoint, what irritates us is , first of all, the fanaticism with which this policy is carried out, blindfolded without looking back, and most importantly - without a thoughtful approach, and of course, without a single thought about what consequences this policy... will lead to ukraine. the population of this country has already suffered hundreds of thousands of casualties. the country is destroyed, but they claim that ukraine must win? yes, this is a fanatical spell. while visiting ukraine, the german minister said: ukraine will win because it simply must win. this is not politics, this is fanaticism. everything is at stake, forgetting what history has taught us, including the history of german reunification. we're too easy they forgot about their own national security.

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bolshoi theater artists arrived on tour. they brought the ballet capelia by marius petipa and enric cicchetta. this is a comic and touching play about how a young man fell in love with a doll. the capella was first staged in 1870 at the paris opera. it is based on gufman's short story the sandman. the performances are accompanied by the chelyabinsk symphony orchestra of the klinke opera and ballet theater. one of the main roles is played by elizaveta kukava, she has her own touching a story that connects it with chelyabinsk. i remember that here instead of an orchestra pit there was this podium, i remember i ran and jumped rope there, i didn’t actually do ballet back then, but i really wanted to, and in general because of this theater i basically decided to become a ballerina , after the advertisem*nt

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a scooter without extra expenses, a magnet, buckwheat uvelka 89,999 yes, what do you need? open a free account with alfabank and receive a business credit card with free servicing. alfabank is the best bank for business. a new symbol of the so-called russian aggression they tried to make an architectural monument into the odessa art museum, but the enemy only got a ridiculous provocation, because our troops always hit the right targets, and intelligence does not fail, we will tell you in more detail right now in the stopfake program on russia 24. so, the russians attacked the odessa art museum. screaming headlines appeared on

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the pages of knowledgeable media after night strikes with precision weapons. everything was presented as if several missiles or giranei 2 were deliberately launched at a cultural site, and part of its exhibition was allegedly seriously damaged. however, reporting directly from the scene immediately called this manual into question: no grandiose destruction was visible. and here a logical question arises: is it really inside? an explosion thunders out. it is extremely important for kiev to attract its western partners to the new hype, and for those western partners to already disseminate this news, these narratives through their own information channels. the destruction we see is purely cosmetic. the nature of the destruction, that is , there can be no destruction of an architectural monument, or any destruction of an object, architecture, heritage. as always, no one wanted to go into details . russia was also demanded by international organizations, for example, unesco, while zelsky’s office threatened

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to respond with nothing less than the destruction of the black sea fleet and some kind of demilitarization of crimea, but a little later, the ukrainian country itself showed where exactly the detonation occurred. the crater is not in the building at all, but nearby with him, and even then relatively. that is, the picture is no longer as clear-cut as the media would like. and telegram made it even more uncomfortable for ukranazis. the channel is typical odessa, in fact, here is the recognizable style of work of bandera’s anti-aircraft crews, an air defense missile soaring into the sky immediately falls down, here is another one , similarly diving somewhere into a dense urban area a few seconds after launch , finally a close-up of the moment of arrival at the hut museum , captured by someone's car recorder, as the author of a typical odessa, other resources posted these frames exclusively in the censured version, they covered up the flash, why can’t you guess... the frames that we saw with the missile flying off and turning downwards, they clearly show that it

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was not just damage, it was the rotation of the anti-aircraft missile , since the launch was directly from this territory, then it can’t be anything other than an air defense missile , when at such a speed it enters the ground, into the soil, energy is released that is comparable, or even more, than the power of the roaring substance that is located v warhead, the hole is visible that it is 3-4 meters in diameter, well, this is just for the warhead of a complex like s300 lithrite. thanks to the same survey, it is not difficult to restore the flight trajectory. the notorious missile apparently launched to the west or southwest of the art museum from a location where our military simply does not exist. this is, in principle , a typical story: during russian attacks by missiles or drones from the sea, ukrainian anti-missile missiles invariably launch from the city limits, often from the airfield in malinovsky. in an area where it is common knowledge elements of the air defense missile system are located. accordingly , they fly directly over odessa, and here the militants

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are let down by the age of the complexes, as well as the arsenals intended for them. the soviet-built s300ps fire 5v55k zurs, which do not have a homing function. without radar illumination, they instantly lose their target; in this scenario, they should self-destruct in the air, but instead , outdated ammunition often falls, their warhead weighing more than 130 kilograms. detonates on the ground. western air defense, which came to ukraine, became more dangerous for them, than our calibers that fly to military targets. what do i mean? remember when the bulgarians handed over s-300 missiles. and then the bulgarian government openly said that we were handing over faulty missiles. that is, they will not threaten the national security of bulgaria. it’s cheaper to transfer them to ukraine and pay for them. transportation and then let the ukrainians deal with them themselves. in contrast, the places that were actually

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targeted were all on the coastline close to the black sea, that is, in the port, and, judging by the nature of the explosion, it wasn’t just any paintings or sculptures that caught fire there, but the air defense systems, which turned out to be absolutely powerless, as clearly evidenced by another sensational video. the fire is fired in literally all directions, but the drone calmly follows and finds its target. located in odessa. a number of former industrial facilities, the enterprises themselves have long been destroyed, but what remains is, firstly, the infrastructure that is connected to these facilities, that is, railway lines. electricity everything is here water pipes therefore, those parts of the workshop premises that remain there are convenient to use for storing ammunition, respectively, where from time to time the influence from the russian armed forces is applied, so to speak. just

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like in the case of odessa, they got into a puddle while covering the events in zaporozhka. region, they say the russians cynically hit the harmless village of zarechnoye with iskander guns, which led to damage to infrastructure and injuries among civilians, in short, standard demonization, nothing new, but this time a card to professional liars suddenly was confused by the militant vsu, who told him in plain text how it all happened. having decided to carry out this task, one smart officer decided to organize a formation of brigade personnel to reward the soldiers in a front-line village? enclosure of a special warehouse for this brigade. as a result of this construction, a lot of decorations and even a lot of ukrainian soldiers died. how does all this light come up? mothers, fathers, wives, children begin to publish necrologies for their dead. this all overwhelmed the ukrainian press, ukrainian

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social networks, then we already had to admit what happened, but the most banal situation happened, one of the officers, brainy, wanted to take photographs of himself, report to the day of the missile forces and artillery of the armed forces, came to the place, lined up the fighters and distributed awards to them, on this moment our reconnaissance acted. the record of russian means of objective control is finally dotted, the operator of a reconnaissance drone patiently monitors the movement of the predators along the streets of zarechny, they gather in a large group in courtyard of a private house, and then they literally receive fiery greetings from russian rocket scientists, there are no civilians, not even close. by the way, the quality of the visuals deserves special attention; the clarity of the image is so high that the smallest details are in full view, and this is already the usual level of our uavs. one of them, orland 10, operates within a radius of up to 120 km and is capable of staying in the air for about 16 hours. well, firstly, the drone is small in size, less than 2 m in

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length and only 3 m in wingspan. secondly, it is assembled from composite materials, so it is extremely difficult to detect it with radar: the payload mass is 5 kg, which can include conventional and thermal imaging cameras, as well as equipment for searching for signals from mobile phones and radio stations. by the way, the eagle can not only determine the coordinates of a mobile phone, but also block it at a distance of up to 6 km, and the drone does the same with satellite navigation systems, either jamming the gps signal, or pretending to be a satellite itself, overloading receivers on the ground with false information. it is natural that ieds, the army's need for reconnaissance assets of this class probably led to, let's say, an increase in the level of investment in this production, its expansion, and we observe how the entire course, all these months that have passed, there has been an increasing saturation of the troops with such

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means, here on we see the example of the 128th brigade, which means this is... the result, such attacks are carried out from time to time, and reconnaissance of these near rear areas, mm, the front line, is carried out constantly, in turn, the army of the zhovtoblakit junta has nothing to boast about, the high-profile successes that she ascribes to herself consistently turn out to be lies, a vivid example of virtual victory, again in zaporozhye, they say the hymers covered the location of the chuvash atal battalion, as many as 120 people died, including commander vyacheslav matuzas, here’s just proof: they looked dubious from the very beginning , a couple of muddy photos with a fire and broken cars could have been taken essentially anywhere, anytime, and then the words were taken personally by colonel matuzas, who was buried by the nazis, he is naturally alive and well, very angry with those who spreads desuzo when you are presented with such fakes that with one blow, with one blow,

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our enemy immediately, well, kills 120 people, this is also a fake. there is no such thing and there has never been and there will not be people presenting such information, they work for ukrainian intelligence, they work for america, they work to undermine the authority of the armed forces. with his last remark, the commander, by the way, hit him not in the eyebrow, but in the eye. the original source of boros turned out to be pavlik angry chuvashaya, its administrator, a fugitive foreign agent, semyon kochkin, collaborated with extremist fbk, is accused in a criminal case and posted on his pages discrediting the armed forces, including the symbols of the banned terrorist legion of freedom of russia. in general, the character is what is called patented, and is it any wonder that he is active in creating content for enemy propaganda. in russia , presidential elections are expected in 2024, so all the foreign agents who have now largely relocated to europe are trying

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to work out new standards, which are extremely are relevant for them and which can hit the authorities extremely negatively, yes, that is, this is a large number of losses, this is a large number of victims that russia supposedly suffers in the course of its, in fact, the russian opposition, which fled to europe, which is trying... from europe, you and i have to carry our own narratives, they are working out the agenda that kiev, among others, ordered. and now to the spherical conclusions of ukrainian military intelligence, which for some reason suddenly expressed confidence that russia, attention failed recent training of strategic deterrent forces. it is not clear where gur could have gotten such data, and kiev hardly has enough competence to assess someone else’s nuclear potential in the absence of its own. although first of all i would like to ask. are budanov’s subordinates suffering from blindness , because the october 25 exercise under the leadership of the supreme commander-in-chief was demonstrated in great detail using video footage, and early in the morning of november 5, the ministry of defense

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showed a test launch of an intercontinental ballistic mace with submarine cruiser emperor alexander ii. even the most picky viewer will not see anything similar to the failures here, but the target audience of the ukrainian media, for some reason, must believe the word that there were problems after all. ukrainian. and in general, the entire information machine of kiev works, i inform you, together with the west, so any fakes, any pretense that tests of strategic forces and deterrence are being disrupted in russia, yes, this is an attempt to work out the interests of the west. kiev is now acting as a creator, a creator of content that is extremely profitable to the americans, nothing more, that is, they do this for the americans in the interests of their master, and the master thanks them with the next tranches, military tranches, military... assistance, because to show that now the americans are far behind in terms of strategic deterrence, - this is a serious blow for the current government, although it cannot be ruled out that

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unfriendly figures are simply covering up fear with lies, and no wonder, because the warhead of the same r30 bulova , intended for borei class submarines, weighs over a ton, with a total mass the missiles weigh about 37 tons, the guaranteed flight range exceeds 9,000 km, the warheads can be from six to ten, and the yield of each of them is 150 kilotons. in addition, bulova gains altitude three to four times faster than its counterparts, and at the end of acceleration it releases decoys to confuse anti-missile systems. in addition, its warheads are able to maneuver, which makes their interception even more difficult; the deviation from the given coordinates ranges from 120 to 350 m, but for a nuclear charge such an error, of course, does not play a special role. stories about the rotten, rotten nuclear potential of russia... they actually began even before the great patriotic war, and the fact that in general russia is not capable of anything on its own, but here it turns out, is being tested, despite any

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sanctions there, despite not on any rotten potential, and this generally jeopardizes all the previous rhetoric and, as it were, undermines the trust that has already been undermined in ukrainian propaganda, including all kinds of telethons, for individual politicians who were going to drink coffee in yalta. in june 2023, well they just keep denying reality, they fell into a trap, but most often the desire to convince themselves that the russians are still playing a cruel joke with fake launchers, since the truth inevitably breaks through the veil of lies, to make sure there is a point, for example, look through the youtube channel of a popular japanese blogger who now lives in russia. subscribers asked. a girl to go to some supermarket and saw through the deception of their propagandists when they saw a wide range of products instead of supposedly empty shelves, and the abundance of various dishes

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in the first fast food they came across clearly does not fit with tales of a hungry country barely making ends meet. ???す ね 。 マヨネーズ で 合 え て 。 what is important here is not the video itself, but how the reaction to this video, when you go to the comments, it is important that people who are in another culture, in another country, in a completely different world, japan is a world in reverse , they looked at our russian life, saw that here, it turns out, everything continues, everything develops, normal shops, then they want to come here, that is.. .' there's more there were a lot of comments, but now i myself want to come to russia, visit, see, go somewhere there too and see something, get acquainted with the life of russia, the conclusions

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are obvious, you can take as much as you like, but someone will definitely go in defiance of the system, the conveyor of these lies will be broken, so that sooner or later even the most gullible public will probably be able to acquire immunity against clumsy fakes, which we will definitely continue to expose in the stopfake program on the russia 24 tv channel . the team is with you in everything with a vtbek card up to 30% . so a lot of? of course, because it was created by those who want to please their loved ones every day. we came up with a vtb debit card for ourselves, so that your life becomes better, you can apply for it right now. the furniture is new, prices are low. avita for home. black november in the feed, discounts up to 60%. and

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