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Love has a curious way of revealing itself, and for QVC host Jennifer Coffey, it came knocking through the digital world. In a heartwarming tale of serendipity, Jennifer and her fiancé, Davinder Athwal, met on the dating app Bumble, adding to the list of exciting engagements among former QVC hosts including a recent announcement from former host Lisa Robertson who just got married. Here’s a glimpse into their touching love story and how they found each other against all odds.

An Unlikely Match

Jennifer and Davinder’s paths crossed on Bumble, an online dating app, despite both having different dating experiences. Jennifer had been single for an extended period, while Davinder had been separated for four years before trying his luck in the digital dating scene.

They Both Took a Leap of Faith

After years of being on and off dating sites, Jennifer decided to take one more chance on love. She was even the one to call Davinder on the phone to set up their first date! Conversely, Davinder had initially been hesitant about online dating but eventually signed up on Bumble with an open mind.

How did the Bumble Interaction Go?

Davinder’s Bumble profile caught Jennifer’s attention just a few hours after he signed up. Their connection was almost instant, but Davinder’s humility initially made him doubt if he was worthy of Jennifer’s attention. In a Facebook Live, Davinder describes how he signed up for the dating app at 8am in the morning. He first matched with Jennifer at nearly 11am.

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A Memorable First Date for Davinder & Jennifer

Eager to explore their newfound connection, Jennifer and Davinder decided to meet on the same day they matched. Their first encounter took place at Davio’s, a restaurant that would set the stage for the beginning of their beautiful journey together. They only expected to stay for a drink but ended up staying for hours!

In a heartfelt message on Instagram, Jennifer posted a beautiful photo of herself with Davinder. She began by saying, “You didn’t know that for months before we met, I’d say goodnight to you just before I’d fall asleep. In my mind and heart, that pillow was never empty.
You didn’t know I’d daydreamed this moment so many times, and that the daydream would bring tears of joy to my eyes again and again. Even though all those years I didn’t know your name.
You didn’t know I’d almost given up.

Do They Have Children?

Jennifer and Davinder found common ground as they both had daughters from their previous relationships. Their shared experiences as single parents further deepened their understanding and love for each other.

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Where is Davinder Originally From?

From the UK to the US! Davinder’s life took him from his upbringing in a town southwest of London, UK, to the United States, where he has lived for many years. His Indian heritage and occasional British accent add a unique and charming touch to his personality.

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What Does Davinder Do For a Living?

Jen Coffey’s fiance, Davinder Athwal has a great career. He works currently as a CFO, Chief Financial Officer for a SaaS company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A few months ago, he was nominated by his colleagues and experts as a Top CFO in the industry, by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

This isn’t his first CFO position. Davinder held a CFO position in 2015 and has held the position for various companies ever since. According to his LinkedIn profile, Davinder is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by the state of New York.

Where Did He Go To College?

Davinder takes education very seriously. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance from Kingston University. He went on to earn his MBA from Long Island University and lastly, attended the prestigious Wharton School.

Love Conquers All

Despite almost giving up on finding true love, Jennifer and Davinder’s persistence paid off, and they found solace and happiness in each other’s company. Their love story is a testament to the power of hope and the miracles that can unfold when two souls connect.

Watch the video below where Jennifer introduces Davinder to her fans.

Leave a comment below and let the happy couple know you send them good wishes!


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Who is QVC Host Jennifer Coffey's Fiancé, Davinder?- The Reality TV (2024)
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